Pre-Workout Performance Drinks
Creatine, Glutamine, Nitric Oxide

If you're a competitive athlete and you want to perform better on the field, in the ring, or even just at the gym, NO-XPLODE from BSN is a product that can give you a distinct advantage over those who come unprepared.

This powerful pre-workout drink gives you an immediate burst of energy, and it will make you stronger. It contains a proprietary blend of creatine molecules, glutamine, and nitrix oxide producers to flood your muscles nutrients, sustain your strength for longer, and invigorate you through your workout.

This product is only recommended for hardcore adult athletes. It should also be noted that creatine products only help during anerobic activity, and do not create gains for endurance athletes. They are most useful for resistance training, power training, and some phases of interval training.

If you're looking for a pre-workout energy supplement that you can really feel, then NO-XPLODE is the one for you. It not only contains a powerful blend of creatine, glutamine, and nitric oxide, but it also contains caffeine to stimulate you into higher performance.

l-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AKG) is a muscle volumizing molecule that dilates blood vessels to allow more oxygen and nutrients to flow into the muscle tissue. This is accomplished through the amino acid arginine (a nitric oxide precursor) that is bonded to AKG to further enhance blood levels of nitric oxide. This is combined with several other nitric oxide enhancers to produce a powerful muscle pump effect.

Creatine is a naturally occuring substance (found in food) that helps the body generate more ATP and to regenerate it faster. ATP is used to for intense bursts of energy, lasting only a few seconds. By generating more ATP, the muscles can pump out more reps at the same resistance level. NO-XPLODE features a proprietary creatine blend to optimize performance without the necessity for potentially dangerous creatine loading.

There are a few negatives about this product. For one thing, not everyone reacts well to performance supplements that contain caffeine. I personally recommend Xyience NOX-CG3 for those that want a similar supplement without caffeine. Also, some have reported that they gain a tolerance to the product and need to take a larger dosage over time. It is advised you cycle on and off this product for maximal effect.

Though NO-XPLODE is aspartame free, it does contain the artificial sweetener sucralose. Unfortunately you are unlikely to find any similar product without articial sweeteners, aside from MuscleTech Cell-Tech which is only a creatine matrix and does not include the nitric oxide boosters.

Overall this product is quite effective, and is recommended for hardcore athletes who feel they need an advantage in their sport or training regimen. As with all nutritional supplements you should consult your doctor before taking NO-XPLODE.

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