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Designer Whey - Natural Whey Protein

You are probably aware that muscle tissue is broken down during exercise and your body must rebuild that tissue using protein Therefore it's vital that you get a surge of protein immediately following intense exercise. For this purpose I recommend a whey protein shake because it is absorbed quickly by the body to immediately start combating muscle breakdown.

Have you ever closely examined the ingredients in most protein supplements? Most protein powders on the market today contain potentially hazardous artificial sweeteners. These can contribute to unhealthy weight gain and are believed responsible for a variety of health problems.

I strongly advise you to go for the natural alternative. Designer Whey makes a great tasting protein supplement without artificial sweeteners, and with pure whey protein isolate mixed with whey protein concentrate. This is one of the top selling whey protein companies out there, and this is exactly what your muscles need for quick recovery.

The all natural Designer Whey is one of my favorite protein supplements. It has a rich, smooth flavor that's not overly sweet. I particularly like the chocolate flavor, but the vanilla isn't bad either.

There is also a natural flavor, which is basically just natural whey protein without any sweeteners or flavors. It's great mixed in oatmeal or cereal to punch up the protein content. It has very little flavor, so it's also good mixed in certain sports drinks, or if you prefer plain whey protein it makes a great shake.

I particularly like that it has no artificial sweeteners in it. Feel the difference in going all natural with Designer Whey Natural Protein powders.

I should mention that this product is sometimes difficult to find. You need to look closely to be sure you get the all natural version. The other versions of Designer Whey are sweetened with sucralose and acesulfame potassium. Only chocolate, vanilla, and natural flavors are available at this time in the natural form.

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Older Product - Designer Whey Natural

The below links are for the older Designer Whey Natural Product. It is different than the new all-natural Designer Whey product referenced here.

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