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Promax Nutrition Bars

After a hard workout your body craves essential nutrients, most notably protein. It's advisable to drink a whey protein shake within 30 minutes of your workout. However, you can't always mix up a shake. In those cases, I suggest you try Promax Nutrition Bars to get 20 grams of high quality protein.

Over the years I've tried dozens of protein bars out there, and by far these are the best tasting bars I've had. They are great not only after workouts, but when traveling, or in the car between activities.

If you are looking for a protein shake, you can compare prices on my number one recommendation here.

If you're looking for a between meal snack or a post-workout nutritional bar that tastes great, is loaded with protein and does not contain any artificial sweeteners, then you need to try Promax bars. I'm apparently not the only one who loves these things. They ranked number one in independent taste tests.

These do contain a lot of sugar and not much fiber (27g sugar, 2g fiber for my favorite Black Forest Cake), but that's why they taste so good. They do have 20g of protein. The protein is a high quality blend of whey, soy, and casein. The ingredients do vary quite a bit between the flavors. I noticed that Cookies & Cream has a bit of trans fat (less than 1g) in the cookie part. I personally avoid even trace quantities of trans fat.

I highly recommend the Black Forest Cake flavor, but I also like Chocolate Mint and Lemon Bar. Double Fudge Brownie is good, and Nutter Butter Crisp is also quite good. It tastes vaguely like a Butterfinger bar. These do have a very slight chalky taste because of all the protein in comparison to a candy bar. I suggest you keep some water handy. I really do enjoy the flavor of these. In fact, I prefer something like this over a candy bar any day (but I'm kind of wierd like that).

If you've never tried Promax Bars, I strongly suggest you get a variety box from They have a great price on normal boxes, with extremely reasonable shipping, plus for $1 more you can get a mixed variety pack and try the flavors for yourself. As far as I know, is the ONLY store that sells this type of mixed variety pack.

It's important to note that because of the sugar content, I do not recommend these for someone trying to lose weight. The only real way to use them for weight loss is as a desert snack. I really think they taste good enough for that, but some might say that's going a little far. For that purpose you'd want to cut them up into 3-4 equal portions and use them as reward snacks throughout the day.

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Promax Nutrition Bars - Black Forest Cake, Lemon, Chocolate Mint


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