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With Imagine Nutraceuticals' Xagen SI Penis Enlargment System, men no longer need to imagine what it would be like to have a larger penis. Just as supplementation and exercise play a huge role in the size and strength of athletes, Xagen SI Penis Enlargement System now plays that role with penile health and size!The penis is comprised of spongy tissues called the "corpora cavernosa". The cavernosa are reservoirs for blood. Xagen SI stimulates blood flow to enhance engorgement. The size of your erection is directly related to the amount of blood your body sends to the cavernosa. Over time, the force of blood may cause the reservoirs to expand and this creates larger and fuller erections.This proprietary blend was designed to aid an individual with a higher sexual well-being. After extended research, it has been determined that the combination of supplementation and exercise will actually help maximize penis size.

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This supplement manufactured by Puriclean is not currently one of the featured nutritional supplements on SupplementMania. You can find our featured products on the left side. SupplementMania only features natural, healthy vitamins, minerals, protein powders, joint health supplements, and a few select performance enhancing, and bodybuilding supplements.

We carefully review each supplement for both contents, manufacturering, and performance before selection. Because there are so many products on the market sometimes excellent products do not make it into our featured list. We very much value your opinions on this product.


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