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Dark green vegetables are vital to your health, but very few people get enough of them in their diets. Because of this fact, supplementation is often necessary. The best way to get the antioxidants and phytonutrients in dark greens and colorful fruits is with a green drink.

The green drink powders contain a mixture of fruits and vegetables that yield powerful antioxidant effects. Because these drinks contain wheat grass and other bitter greens, they are sweetened with stevia to improve the taste, and because stevia has several of its own benefits.

Purity Products Triple Greens Powder (regular and the certified organic) is my top pick for any greens supplement drink. This is the product I use on a daily basis. It delivers a powerful antioxidant blend and it doesn’t taste like dirt. I cannot stand the taste of most green drinks, but this one works for me.

I trust the purity and composition of the Triple Greens produce more than I do other similar products. I’ve been drinking it for a couple of years now, and I have noticed some slight variations in the taste over the years, probably due to slightly different amounts of various fruits and some changes in the formula.

I should probably point out that this is a potent green drink. Therefore, it’s never going to taste like soda and it may look a little like something you’d see on Fear Factor. But, as green drinks go, this is the best tasting one I’ve ever had.

You can improve the flavor by adding a splash of juice to your drink. It is sweetened with all-natural stevia, but the natural fruit flavors seem to kill much of the aftertaste that usually accompanies stevia. Stevia in itself has been shown useful in combating type two diabetes and some other ailments.

The manufacturer also provides certificates of purity inspection on their web site, and a specific representation of the antioxidant power in a single serving. One scoop provides over 5000 ORAC of antioxidants. The biggest win for Triple Greens is that they’ll send you a full container for free. You just pay the shipping. That makes it a very hard deal to beat.

I suggest you alkalize your body, boost your immune system, and energize your life with this potent green drink from Purity Products right away.

Certified Organic Triple Greens

Dark green vegetables are definitely super foods for your body, in large part due to the antioxidant content. The same goes for certain fruits. Emerald Balance is a green drink product marketed toward flushing out toxins after working out. It does still deliver a high antioxidant blend which helps alkalize and energize the body, especially for those who live on high-protein diets.

Emerald Balance also contains astragalus, spirulina, chlorella, barley grass, and royal jelly to boost immune system function. One serving of Emerald Balance provides an antioxidant load of 3000 ORAC. This is a lower antioxidant load than Triple Greens and less dark green vegetables, but the goal of this product seems to be providing a more general purpose drink.

The drink has a sweet, minty flavor with the typical stevia aftertaste. It’s not bad, although a little sweet for me. I definitely like the taste of Triple Greens better. The serving size here is also about 45% lower than that of Triple Greens. I suspect you could also improve the taste of this product by adding fruit juice.

Overall I think this is a good option if you’re not currently getting enough greens or antioxidants. It is a bit cheaper than Triple Greens, but there’s no free trial as far as I know. Also, it should be noted than when you factor in the discounts you get from Purity Products Super Saver program and the size of each serving in the container, Triple Greens comes out far ahead on price. The one little thing I like about Emerald Balance is that you can get it in single-serving packets. These are very handy if you’re traveling.

Emerald Balance the Ultimate whole Body Superfood


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