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Joint Health

Joint Health

If you experience joint pain or just want to reduce your risks of developing joint problems later in life, then you should consider a glucosamine-based supplement to reduce joint inflammation, promote the repair of connective tissue and cartilage, and to lubricate the joints.

It should be noted that while these supplement can help by promoting healthy joint tissues, they are no substitute for proper joint care and exercising with proper form.

GLC 2000 is a joint care supplement containing primarily glucosamine and chondroitin, the two ingredients proven to help reduce inflammation and rebuild joint tissues. There is some controversy over which molecule of glucosamine is most effective, the HCL version or the sulfate. I personally believe (based on available research) that you should take an HCL supplement, but GLC 2000 has a unique way of dealing with this problem. They include not only both glucosamine forms, but also two additional ones.

The manufacturer suggests that by providing all four forms, the body is better able to convert the glucosamine into cartilage components throughout the recovery cycle.

Because it contains a more complex glucosamine make up, it is more expensive than plain glucosamine supplements, but overall the price is reasonable.

This product does also contain chondroitin for joint lubrication.

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GLC 2000 Joint Health Supplement

If you want a simple and complete joint care supplement that’s not over-priced, Natrol’s Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM is the way to go. It contains the more effective glucosamine HCL (as opposed to glucosamine sulfate), along with lubricating chondroitin.

The product also contains MSM, which is supposed to promote better joint elasticity by contributing sulfur. There are some contradictory reports on the effectiveness of MSM, but there is no evidence suggesting it is unsafe. I personally do not feel MSM is necessary for good joint health.

I do highly recommend this product for most people for faster joint recovery and prevention or reduction of joint pain and wear.

Warning: If you are allergic to any sort of shellfish, you should NOT take this product.

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