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Are Diet Pills Dangerous?
What you MUST Know Before you Consider Taking Any Weight Loss Supplement

The supplement industry is filled with dreams and hype over those dreams. They paint a picture of you suddenly being a healthier, happier, thinner person as soon as you start taking their pills, potions, or powders. This is especially true for weight loss supplements that sell the dream of shedding fat without any work on the part of the user.

For several years I’ve talked to high-level marketing consultants about how to best market my own fitness and exercise products. All of the consultants have told me the same thing— forget the moderate information you’re selling and sell diet pills. You can’t market anything involving hard work. You need to sell the dream in a bottle.

Well clearly I haven’t listened to any of them, because I believe there are a lot of people out there who understand you need to work hard to get fast, optimal results. That means that some of my fitness information may not appeal to everyone, especially those looking for a quick-fix, but I can assure all of my readers that it is the only way to get the results you want.

There’s no debating the power of marketing behind these products, and perhaps there’s even a tad of placebo effect associated with their use. This effect being more for the person’s mood than their health or weight. But in the end, these products do not work.

I can say this definitively because no pill can create the lifestyle change required to sustain weight loss over the long term. Some products can produce certain results, but the faster those results appear, the faster they disappear. The body is not meant to lose weight rapidly, and when it does it quickly finds way to replenish the weight lost, and to prevent further cases, it will seek to pack on more pounds.

That means the only chance that a diet pill could ever work for the long term is to either take it in conjunction with a proper exercise and nutrition program, or to take it forever. In either case the risk factors associated with such supplements far outweighs the benefits. If you have a quality fitness program that includes exercise, an elevated activity level, and wholesome nutrition, then there is no need for supplements or other shortcuts. You only need the motivation and understanding that results will come with your dedication.

So what’s the risk? How do you feel about sudden cardiac arrest or stroke? Or would you prefer an intestinal obstruction that could require surgery?

Some drugs used in the diet pills are highly addictive amphetamines that require higher and higher doses to remain effective, if they are ever effective for the person taking them. Some of these medicines, especially ephedra has been directly linked to heart palpitations, heart attack, and stroke.

Because diet pills are not considered medicines but “herbal supplements” they are not regulated for quality by the FDA. That means they could have an inaccurate dosage of the listed ingredients, and/or be contaminated. This risk applies to any supplement, which is one reason I’ve begun creating reviews for the supplements I do recommend. The key to avoiding contamination or inaccurate labeling is to only buy supplements from companies with published purity testing and control standards.

My overall opinion on the matter of diet pills or any weight loss supplement is simple: They are utterly unnecessary and extremely dangerous. So why bother take them? For these reasons I will not review specific weight-loss supplements. Chances are my reviews are going to unpleasant anyway.

If you want my advice, skip the magic weight loss pills and lose weight the old fashioned way… the only way that will work to keep the weight off so you can enjoy a healthy, happy lifestyle. Make the most of your life by exercising and eating right.

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